Hello and welcome to my website, it was created with you, my customer, in mind.
I am now a 100% referral only agent, helping you, your family and friends.
Your support has consistently placed me in the top 1% nationwide.
32 years and counting – many thanks!

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Looking for a referral for a home improvement project?

All the vendors listed here are people that I have either worked with long term. Many are referrals that you gave me. Keep them coming. We all appreciate a good value combined with stellar service, right? Vendors on this list have passed the test. My aim is to maintain a referral-worthy list. Your constructive feedback is always appreciated.
For example, have you had any pin-hole leaks?
It might be time to re-pipe your home. A customer referred REPIPE 1 to me and they have turned out to be a great resource. Thank you for your great referrals. It’s a collaborative and ongoing effort to promote good people.
Selling your home?
Check out my ‘SELLER’ page where you can view youtube videos of homes I have sold.
Buying a home?
I work together, with you, to find the home you want. After your pre-approval process is complete, we will set up a search with your parameters.
Check out my ‘BUYER’ page where I outline some of the steps of the process involved.
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